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Aiskew Level Crossing Replacement

15th - 19th November 

The old crossing was starting to show signs of age.

Work started by removing the old concrete panels and breaking up the tarmac on the end of the old sleepers.


The old track removed and the trackbed prepared for the new panels


The new panels are craned into position, with a little help from some guide ropes


The rails on the new track panels being welded


The track has been ballasted and the new Velo Strail units have started to be installed


The Velo Strail system has rubber right up to the rail (normally this would just be a gap), as the flange on a train wheel makes contact with the rubber in the flangeway, it is compressed quite easily to allow safe passage of a train. Once the wheel has passed, the rubber returns to its original level. The crossing system is specifically designed to help cyclists hold the road when crossing the rails.


The Tarmac is relayed, ready for the road reopening


The job is finished. This crossing must be the smoothest in the UK.




Track Panel Preparation for Aiskew Level Crossing

Saturday 9th November, Leeming Yard



3 new panels are required for the renewal at Aiskew crossing, here we see the rails being cut to the correct length on the second panel


The concrete sleepers were moved to site using this large FLT

Another shot of the rails being cut. Some of the grafters can be seen standing at a safe distance from the saw